Executive Officer, Pathsala Municipality

At the very outset, I would love to convey my heartful gratitude to all walks of citizens of Pathsala Town as I have taken over the charge of Executive Officer, Pathsala Municipal Board on 27th of March, 2024.
     Pathsala Municipal Board is always committed to improve the solid waste management value chain as well as the living standard of common people of this town. It becomes easier and effective when mutual understanding and co-operation between the general public and their administrator are in streamline. As being the Executive Officer of this Municipal Board, I appeal to all to cooperate with me as well as with District Administration in implementing the various schemes which are related to social and economic development of Pathsala Town area. Without the horizontal cooperation it is not possible to achieve our goals which are in line with SDG targets. That is why, as an Executive Officer I would like to appeal to all to be pro-active and co-operative in making our task easier.
     I have been bestowed to serve you through various developmental schemes/works and their proper implementation so that tax payer people get the maximum benefit out of these.
     Last but not the least, as an Executive Officer of Pathsala Municipal Board I am here to assure all sections of society that I shall discharge my duty with utmost sincerity during my tenure and also it is my humble request to all to inform me regarding any faults and misdeed of this office immediately.
Thanking you.
(Sri Rudrajyoti Das, AUAS)